Gregory Engels

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  • Pirate Party: Germany
  • Pirate Party Role: Dichter
  • National Delegate: Yes
  • Registered on: 05/05/2011
  • Last connection: 02/19/2020





09:14 PM PPI Board Task #378 (Rejected): Podcasts
It is old issue now. We can reopen it later if we feel more concrete about it. Gregory Engels


03:58 PM TT 2019 Task #387 (Closed): Possible financial support by the Jerusalem Municipality
Gregory Engels


01:13 AM PPI Board Decision #399 (Closed): Give an access to the Information System to Cedric Levieux for Congressus installation and maintenance
Gregory Engels


11:33 PM PPI Board Decision #400 (Closed): Request from Bastian what issues remain to enable Congressus installation: public key, subdomain, encryption of credentials, etc.
Gregory Engels


02:06 PM PPI Board Task #343: Renew all SSL certificates
Installed Letsencrypt on the and have configured it for
Gregory Engels


07:22 PM PPI board member tasks Task #195 (Closed): Call for hosts PPI GA
Call for host published, and host selcted. the rest should be tracked in its own project Gregory Engels


05:10 PM PPI board member tasks Task #212: Financial Report from the Prague GA
*Lola: Suggestion: write to PP-CZ and invite them to Mumble meeting. Invite members of the last board who were respon... Gregory Engels
05:08 PM PPI board member tasks Task #168: PPI Observing WIPO
*Denis: Will report if he can go to the meeting.
** Geneva, Dec 19-20: Advisory Committee on Enforcement, Eighth Ses...
Gregory Engels
05:05 PM PPI board member tasks Task #135: Calendar and Parrot
Calender needs updating, and parrot needs some fine-tuning. I will have time after christmas to look into it. Everyo... Gregory Engels
05:03 PM PPI board member tasks Task #132 (In Progress): Internet GA and Remote Delegates
The questionairy was sent out, and up to date we got 14 total answers from 10 different parties, (BE, NL, PwB, PT, M... Gregory Engels

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