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Grant a representation budget to the PPI Chair in relation with the successful application for ECOSOC Special Consultative Status

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for immediate decision of the board

The present decision can be made via postal or online vote.

In order to further the networking and support, as well as acknowledge the key contributions of key individuals, the chairman of PPI has to engage in representation activities.

Knowing the cost of living in Switzerland (a simple big mac combo is 14 USD), the chairman would like to have the board grant him a representation budget of 400.- CHF.

The chairman will expense the representation costs against the budget, and provide receipts to document his expenses. At no time, he shall be provided with upfront cash.



Updated by Keith Goldstein over 2 years ago

I believe this representational budget should be phrased that it is available to representatives for Ecosoc meetings, and not just the chair. We should also be specific about who we will be meeting with and what the point of these meetings will be. This way Richard or Thomas or perhaps Bailey in NY could attend/arrange meetings. We should be specific that the budget is limited to covering transportation and a meal per four hours. Receipts should be submitted to . An annual budget of 400 euros is reasonable, but we should set a per meeting limit of say 30 euros, and if costs would be more than that they should receive approval in advance. Ps. Eat healthy, avoid Big Macs. Question: how many meetings are expected and how long will these meetings take?


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