Keith Goldstein





07:51 AM PPI Board Task #380 (New): Article on Using Online Democracy Tools
Guillaume is working on the article. Guillaume sent a graph for making policy decisions. We discussed setting up a gu... Keith Goldstein
07:46 AM PPI Board Task #379 (New): Monthly outreach meeting
From last meeting: There is no set date, the time zone issue exists. Reach out to everyone by email or set a time and... Keith Goldstein
07:45 AM PPI Board Task #378 (Rejected): Podcasts
First test was conducted. Showed points that need working on. Bailey and Andrew will test skype and google hangouts a... Keith Goldstein
07:44 AM PPI Board Task #377 (New): Video Campaign
Initial Wikileaks support letter by Bailey and Ray.
Improving our intro.
Setting up a jingle.
Producing video cont...
Keith Goldstein
07:42 AM PPI Board Task #376 (New): Subgroup for revamping the language of the PPI statutes
A subgroup needs to be formed. Guillaume was going to see a lawyer to follow up on nonsensical information and trying... Keith Goldstein
07:40 AM PPI Board Decision #375: Server Update
We are waiting for an update from AG Technik Brandenburg on the status of that work, as well as a document with more ... Keith Goldstein
07:38 AM PPI Board Decision #375 (New): Server Update
Server update
Last meeting we were waiting for tech team update, and their conditions for setting up the server. We ...
Keith Goldstein
07:36 AM PPI Board Decision #374: TT3 Conference Proposal
Another subgroup meeting needs to be planned for June. We are waiting on responses to emails to create a team of peop... Keith Goldstein
07:35 AM PPI Board Decision #374 (New): TT3 Conference Proposal
Think Twice Conference. CS subgroup meeting proposal to have the conference in Israel (Jerusalem) in about one year's... Keith Goldstein
07:33 AM PPI Board Decision #373: Setting up Lime Survey for Pirate Research
Thomas will give the info to AG Technik for getting Keith on Keith Goldstein

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