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10:39 AM Finance tasks Task #407 (New): Working Group for Projects-Based Funding
We have made some progress on a plan for projects based funding for PPI. We require assistance to form a working grou... Keith Goldstein
10:34 AM PPI board member tasks Questions #406 (New): Brandung Live (Internet Radio) 20h CET on Sunday, 30th.
Who will attend?
Brandung Live (Internet Radio) had had PPI members and others online in the past. We are thinkin...
Keith Goldstein


09:31 PM PPI Board Task #405 (New): Providing Invoices for Payments
Attached are the invoice templates used last year for payments. The form should be updated. Members who require invoi... Keith Goldstein
09:18 PM PPI Board Task #404 (New): Affiliation fees that are due to be paid before the end of 2019
As the PPI nearly constantly operates with a backlog of unpaid fees on the income side of the budget, I wish to start... Keith Goldstein
09:08 PM PPI Board Task #403 (New): Collection of Affiliation Fees Due in 2018
1) Affiliation fees that are due to paid before the end of 2018
As the year is now nearing to its end, I would lik...
Keith Goldstein


09:48 PM PPI Board Task #402 (New): Request for Inputs to 10th session of the General Assembly’s Open-ended Working Group on Ageing
We have another call for input, and this time it is on a topic that I think we should really challenge ourselves with... Keith Goldstein
06:04 PM PPI Board Decision #401 (New): Updating Decisions of the Board on our Wiki
It was decided that we should update the decisions of the board, based on things that were voted on in the minutes.
Keith Goldstein


03:34 PM PPI Board Decision #400 (Closed): Request from Bastian what issues remain to enable Congressus installation: public key, subdomain, encryption of credentials, etc.
Keith Goldstein


07:13 PM PPI Board Task #390 (New): PPI Budget Transfer for TT2
PPI owes 2,276 euros to PPNO for TT2. We agreed to start a repayment schedule but no payments were made. Keith Goldstein
06:52 PM PPI Board Task #389 (New): Business Card
make business card. Do you have a good resulution logo? Give me the information we need... Email, phone, position and... Keith Goldstein

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