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Affiliation fees that are due to be paid before the end of 2019

Added by Keith Goldstein about 1 year ago.

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As the PPI nearly constantly operates with a backlog of unpaid fees on the income side of the budget, I wish to start early by announcing the fees due for next year. If the means of your party allow, please, do try to send the fees as soon as you can during the 2019, it will surely help us. Thank you. The last General Assembly introduced (on Nov 10th of this year) a new model of calculating the fees, so here it is:

- Mature members should pay 1000 euros. (Mature members are established members that also receive regular state funding, have elected officials at state or regional level, and/or have elected officials at local level who receive compensation; fulfilling at least two criteria.)

- Established members should pay 185 euros. (Established members are emerging members that also have paying members and run for elections on a regular basis.)

- Emerging members should pay 50 euros. (Emerging members are nascent members that also collect donations.)

- Nascent members would pay 0 euros. (Nascent members have regular statutory activities, such as general assemblies and run activism projects.)

In addition, an optional 2% cap of the national party's budget was introduced, meaning for example that if the 2018 income of a party was 10.000€, and it otherwise would fall under the "Mature" category, that party can opt to pay only 200€. In case your party plans to opt for the 2% cap, please contact me so I can approve your party's budget information.

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